If you’re serious about growing your company, it all starts with the code.

You might not know this, but software development best practices include proper documentation. For those that aren’t software engineers, the idea behind documentation is to add text or even ASCII illustrations, within the actual code (or the code repository) to help explain how the software operates, why a developer took a particular path in their development, or how the software is to be deployed and/or used.

Surprisingly enough, this documentation is crucial for company growth. This is especially so for companies looking to employ digital acceleration. …

There is a right and wrong way to go about using website tracking.

There are a few ideas in technology that are as divisive as website tracking. For the majority of consumers, website tracking is an invasion of their privacy. After all, who wants a company to know all of their browsing history? To that end, web browser developers go out of their way to prevent sites from tracking user behavior.

But website tracking isn’t just about keeping tabs on where users have been and anticipating where they might be going. In fact, there’s a lot to be gained (for both the user and the company) by employing website traffic.

Let’s take a…

People are now pushing for human, meaningful interactions and won’t settle for anything else.

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For years and years now, companies have been running behind cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated platforms to boost our customer experience. They have developed cloud-based tools, embedded AI in their big data efforts, implemented chatbots, and even installed IoT devices across their locations to better meet their customers’ demands. But, while doing so, many of them seemed to forget that customer experience is about engaging with their audiences in a meaningful way.

Sure, technology can definitely help with that but it’s clearly not enough. And all that’s coming from someone that collaborates with a South American software outsourcing company! But it’s…

Java continues to be one of the most important and widely used programming languages in the world. GitHub just ranked Java as the second-most popular programming language among developers. This popularity is well-deserved.

The language is not only the number one Android development language, but it’s also the best choice for back-end web development. Big Tech companies, Fortune 500 businesses, and Java development outsourcing firms all prefer the language for back-end development because of its wide array of benefits.

Java is one of the most popular and easy-to-learn programming languages in the world, allowing companies to quickly find experienced developers…

Hopefully, this will help you and your company decide which type of app will best suit your needs.

Once upon a time, everyone knew what an app was. Applications were installed on computer desktops, were used on computer desktops, and stored data on computer desktops. But then things began to evolve. The state of applications went from the traditional model to the client/server model, where applications were installed on the desktop but used and stored data on a remote server. This was very common when an application required the use of a database.

Next came mobile applications, where tiny apps lived on small devices and required a server to function. Those mobile apps gave rise to cloud and…

The simple nature of Email Marketing makes it highly adaptable and easily integrable to larger marketing campaigns.

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2020 brought some dramatic changes to pretty much everything we do, so it’s no surprise that email marketing also shifted its ways. In fact, email marketing has adapted quite well to the increasing digitalization of consumer life, so much so that the innovative techniques adopted by marketers everywhere are now booming.

So, as we are going through the first months of 2021, at BairesDev we felt it was a nice moment to check on those email marketing trends to see what they are and why they are working so smoothly. We can attest to the fact that they are fantastic…

Big data will become so sophisticated that anyone ignoring it will be left behind.

One of the biggest business-related challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic is how fluctuating customer behavior has become. As the crisis lingers on, people generate new demands, shift their existing ones, and behave differently in their relationships with brands. And while there are broad trends that we could discuss (such as the boom of online shopping and the rise of curbside pickup) the reality is that it’s hard to predict how customers will behave.

At least without the help of big data, that is. I know it might sound outdated to hear this in 2021 but I think one of…

Funnily enough, the people that need these technologies the most are the ones most likely to ignore them.

With the pandemic making remote work the de facto working standard for today’s teams, it’s understandable that many managers are struggling. Anyone that has never worked from home and suddenly has to start to organize, monitor, and supervise a team would be in the same position. That’s because remote management isn’t quite the same as on-site management, something you can bitterly find out yourself by trying to apply the same techniques.

That means that managers have to modify their approach to how they handle their talent and develop new methods to understand and motivate people. Fortunately, there’s tech to have…

While you can’t prepare for all the things 2021 has in store for us in the security department, you can prepare your company for the things we already know are coming.

As if we needed it, the massive SolarWinds breach of last December surely served as a reminder that you can never let the guard down when it comes to cybersecurity. The highly complex hack allowed unknown actors to spy on the US government and private companies’ networks for months This shows that, when it comes to potency, malware is always a step ahead of the game.

That’s a scary thought for sure but panic before it won’t get you anywhere. The best (and only) course of action is to, well, take action. Naturally, you have to know what to look…

Conversational UIs can bring many benefits and completely change how you interact with your clients and users.

If you ask any designer to tell you what’s the most important pillar of an interface, chances are you’ll get one straight answer: simplicity. Naturally, that term hides a lot more than meets the eye. A simple interface is easy to understand and use, it’s highly accessible for most users, and doesn’t get in the way of software’s performance.

Getting all those right is one of the toughest challenges out there for professional designers, outsourcing software development companies, and freelancers. That’s why all of them are always pursuing innovative solutions to expand software’s abilities to interact with users in a…

Emma White

I’m a tech writer, IT enthusiast, and business development manager living in Miami.

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